Sunday, April 22, 2012

d40- yay!

Alhamdulillah arini genap la 40ari..yay!!!ape beza die ek? least boleh cakap officially saye dh boleh kuar rumah jalan2 cari makan!hehe.. tapi xbestnye sebab daddy marissa oncall arini after few days on leave..mommy kene main2 ngan icha sorang2 la ari ni..:((...
And last night i'd received what i really want!yay!!garret's popcorn!! my fav caramel crisp!thanks aunty Malyn cayang for the popcorn!hugs n kisses!!!muahxxxxx
Yay!!aunty Malyn dh belikan utk mummyyy my fav popcorn!yay!!

On top of that ive found my fav cookies!quaker oat with apple and cinnamon flavour!yeay!still remembered my good old days in Ireland..I was so addicted to Mcvities hobnob!mmg kalau die tengah offer 2 for 4 mmg would grab as many as i can and lepas tu rase guilty la kan..guilty pleasure..hahaha.. tried this during my visit to mama's hse..orang berpantang xleh makan banyak mama buatkan milo and served me this cookies..the next day tu terus mintak hubby carikkan..hehehe..:p.. lalalalala...

oat is good for lowering ur blood cholesterol kan?kan?betol kan?hehehe..

My old time fav!cream crackers with nutella..could finish a jar of nutella in a day!!gile gemukss!!!hahaha..oh my god!i sound more like anorexia patients!! takuttt jadi gemuk!

Aunty aisya belikannn utk mummy!never tried this b4 and suprisingly it is super delicious!tapi stiill i need to control myself from eating this too much..nuts not good for ur baby...according to my mum!hehe..sikit2 boleh la..tapi mmg i baca from few articles nuts banyak gas nanti baby bole yes kene control!

My qaisara marissa

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ada van de kamp said...

cute sgt!! tgk la camera plk marissa! :D