Thursday, March 29, 2012

day 6

icha still under phototherapy at home..went to the clinic again and was told that her sb level was 252..huge relief!
was advised by the specialist to cont photo for another day..he reminded us of rebound jaundice..and zassss exchange transfusion crossed my mind..nooo!!i would rather have another sleepless night jaga icha on ohoto than exchange transfusion!i had done exchange transfusion few times before when i was in paeds department and seriously baby wont like it..imagine have ur blood exhanged?do u want that??and the risk of kernicterus!??of course no!
so we had another sleepless night..minus daddy..daddy punye shift sampai pukul 1 je sebab daddy kene pg keje..poor daddy..he tried to apply another cuti tapi her boss x kasi..worst still he's oncall..tried to exchange his call with other collague but she refused..she is a mother and she should understand how we felt..both of them actually..both-the boss and the colleague adalah ibu and diorg patut tahu how difficult for someone to work if his/her child is unwell..tapi nak buat camne kan?tapi xpe..tuhan ade..Allah itu Maha Adil..nanti kalau Allah x balas kat sini,Allah balas kat akhirat nanti kan?bukannye daddy saje je mintak cuti..daddy kene bawak icha pegi klinik esok again and mommy still unwell with branula inserted thru her vein!
daddy tried mintak pg lmbt sikit tu pon daddy redha je..kite keje ngan orang kan?tapi bos tu lupe kot yang gaji die tu pon kami bayar juge cukai2 sume..and that colleague tu pon lupe yang daddy penah cover die masa anak die sakitdulu..tapi melayu mudah lupa kan? and yang paling teruknya n xbestnye it made mommy thinks that org tudung labuh ni jahat2..again!!mommy had that thought before but daddy erased it from
mommy's memories but mommy had it againnnnnn and wonttt remove ittt..
mommy terus teringat sume mende xbest done by those wearing tudung labuh..bukan generalization but pls kalau bawak image tu jaga eloj2 sikit sebab sume org observe awak..yang xbestnye about them opss xleh..xbaek..nak terngumpat pulak..biar lah..asalkan mommy daddy n icha happy as a family and icha sihat sempurna semuanya..we love icha!


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

kak na try ikids. bg kt bby dan kak aina ambil juga sbb nk susukn bby. ad bnyk tstmni sgt3 mmbntu utk bby jaundis. sbb jaundis klu truk bhy kan..

Witty Angel said...

Ala lambat habaq..hehe alhamdulillahx jaundice dah..