Friday, January 20, 2012


discharged home already!!given mc till sunday..actually he offered me a medical leave till monday but i told him no need..sunday is enough already..nak buat ape lame2 boring monday kene oncall pon..kalau x nak ganti camne..yang ari ni oncall pon i need to switch with my colleague and need to take her call next weekend!huhu..
demi sesuap nasi..hehe..but its ok cuz my specialist dh kasi green light!he told me that i dont need to ride on an ambulance anymore!yeay!!im pretty sure that rode on ambulance last monday for twice within 12hrs contributed to my sickness!hahaha..penat badan kene lempar dek ambulance tuu!!!!
anyway temperature settling..still having runny nose and cough..appetite improving..not dehydrated anymore..i had few episodes of BP 80-83/50-56!!!!

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