Thursday, January 12, 2012


Maut ni x mengenal sesiapa..Allah dh tentukan bila ajal kita masing2. Jangan ingat kita ni muda lg lambat lagi nak mati so kite sesuka hati je nak buat jahat kan..
Yesterday pagi2 buat round i was informed that one dead body in my ward..then i asked who was it?i know each of my pts in ward without looking at their file..nama xingt sgt tp sebut katil i do remember dieorg punye problem..but that particular pt was my chronic pt..nama die of course i ingat..and xsangka die mninggal smlm..innalillah..hes not a muslim but i was quite close witg him and his wife..kesian wife die..anak die kecik2 lg..and paling xle lupe a day b4 that he was quite ok given his condition..was an elective admission pon..
Nyway 10mins after that i was called by staff nurse,"dr pt stop dil issued and family refused for active resus"..
So i went there just to pronounce it. What made me a bit terkilan was that his wife..i told her,
"makcik maaf deh kalau ade ape2 yg silap or salah ckp ke ape2 selama ni..and makcik waktu ni jenazah sedang bertarung..saye nasihatkan makcik pergi sebelah die baca yassin ke surah2 ke n jgn tinggal die sorang"..
Instead listening to my advice she just went to relative dpn pakcik tu and started talking about something a bit furious..xkan la idup ngan org tu for more than 50yrs buat u xsayang die dh?dh fed up dj? Makcik tu mcm happy lak..perhaps diexyah jaga org sakit dh but still?husband kot?n anak2?tatau la ke mane...sedih je ngan dunia skrg...

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