Thursday, December 29, 2011


Allah Maha Besar..sesungguhnya kita hanya merancang namun Allah jua yang menentukan segala2nya.
we have planned to go to kl tomorrow for a short break since early last month..
but then banyak betol obstacles..dengan tetibe mo medical tinggal 3 org..dengan tetibenye ade exchange programme btwn medical mo hrpz n htm..dengan tetibenye ade tb audit tomorrow..banyak sekali namun kami masih put a high hope nk g kl..
tapi obstacle yg last ni mmg kami xdpt nak lovely sister,ijah was admitted to hospital pakar pwrdana since 2 days ago due to persistent high grade fever..taktau source die dr white cell die on initial presentation was 25.1!!!!!predominantly neutrophils..
last night suddenly her blood pressure dropped down to 60/46..pulse rate 1 pint hartman was 80/52..
do u think i can leave her alone in d hospital and pergi enjoy kt kl?
definitely big NO!NO!NO!
in fact smlm i slept at d hospital..seb baek delima suite is quite big..slept with my husband at d kitchen area dlm suite tu while suraya tunggu sebelah ijah..kalau pape je suraya boleh callled us straight away..
d specialist pon xtau source fever die frm mane..chest xray clear.ufeme clear.everything was perfect except for her general condition-very weak n leucocytosis n high grade fever..
started on rocephine but last night dvlp diarrhoea so d specialist added iv flagyll and proceed with ultrasound abdomen today..
im oncall today and im not able to contact them yet due to a very hectic schedule today..

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