Monday, May 16, 2011


Yay finally!
Ive bought iphone 4 from my lil bro who is currently studying in Japan.
He bought the phone with a cheaper price than we would ever buy it in Malaysia.
However, we were unable to use it as a phone in Malaysia as it was sim-lock.
Ive waited for quite some time and yes yesterday i am able to use my iphone 4.
I love my HTC HD android(actually windows but we converted it to android), but then it has less applications as compared to Iphone.
But then i think for internet surfing, android is muchhhhh faster than iphone 4.
Anyhow im using Iphone 4 and im loving it!

Oh u know what, my sisters and i went to the Tesco to buy some groceries and toileteries..
We were then followed by a psycho who keep on looking at us and even wink at me.
My sister,Ijajah, who is always my heroin, went to him and told him " Serabutnye lelaki ni ikut2 ni kang aku tampar kang".
and yes he stopped following us after that.hehehe.:p
and so tesco is ours.=)

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Wahidah said... mmg slumber la adik u tegur die gitu..padan muka..hahaha