Monday, May 23, 2011

lock jaw

Last night we had a patient who came to casualty with lockjaw (inability to open the mouth).
The symptoms appeared after she yawned.
So moral of the story?jangan menguap besar2..

Uneventful night last night except for a 16y.o malay gentleman came around 5am with a part of fish stucked in his hand. He was trying to caught "ikan duri" when a part of that fish (the duri part kot) got stuck between his little and ring finger. Wanted to take a picture of the real situation together with the xray(mind u it even enter his joint!!!) but my iphone just run out of battery..=)

*Im so obsessed with emergency medicine right now!tertido pon mimpi buat cpr and manage patients kat redzone..aww!


Wahidah said...

bile dh smpai dlm mimpi pun buat cpr...mmg dahsyat la u ne aina...

but ne permanent department u ke..

Witty Angel said...

tengah considering..hahaha

Wahidah said...

consider jgn tk consider...aperpun all the best aina..:)