Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sedar tak sedar dah almost 2 yrs dah keje!
In 2 days time im going to enter my last posting as hamba orang(housemanship)
I will join A&E and with my best peeps over there hopefully ill enjoy my final posting..
i dont know where im heading to..
i love each posting that ive joined so far..
O&G - my first posting.posting yg sangat bz.u barely have a time to close ur eyes during this posting but then its so enjoyable.i love the fact that ive got a chance to improve my skills a baby, doing episiotomy, repairing any tear, assisting in caesarian section-tiring but interesting...tot i would come back as specialist one day but i just let my beloved husband do that..hehehe..he has more skill in that specialty as compared to me...

Ortho : My second posting..who said ortho paling relaks?depends on hospital u r in my hospital rekod paling lambat i balik keje, ortho lah..kul 730pm while i was in charged of cempaka(male ward)..extension katil penuh gile.,katil patients was 40+ but on that time extension sampai ke pintu and total 50+!sampai kene mintak katil from other ward!ortho pon interesting jugak..i love doing procedure..paling best buat Ray's Amputation..kiteorg buat kat ward je kat kb ni sebab kalau nak g OT?mmg xsempat r..banyak cases n ot x cukup kiteorg bagi ankle block je..sometime i wasnt sure whether my ankle block was really effective or whether the patient had diabetic neuropathy doesnt feel anything at all..hehehe..n had a chance doing the plating of tibia on my own, k-wire on my own and few others made the posting so memorable..tapi when terfikir femur org i terus xnak lah amik ortho.berat woo..even tibia pon i susah gile nak reduce sebab berat!hahaha

Medical : Im so love this posting..even my boss pon cakap u should have come back to medical..u r so good and have a bright future in medical. head of department tu cakap camtu..rase bangga jap and mmg since i was at medschool lagi rase mcm nak amik medical but then when fikir ade ke masa utk myself nanti?i pon terfikir la nak ke xnak skarang ni.ari tu mmg fikir nak amik mrcp siap lagi.hahaha.cuz im pretty sure i dont want a lonely life-idup utk myself n career je..i want a life that is colourful and wonderful with all my family will see..(i think my name is already up in medical actually because i was accidently told yes to one of the specialist)

Surgical : i hate surgery when i was a medical student but guess what?i LOVE surgery at the moment. i think appendicectomy, herniotomy and laparatomy is fun. u dont know what r u going to find when u open someone's abdomen and seriously its adventerous! i love surgical!having a chance to do appendicectomy as a surgeon myself made it more interesting and memorable.hehe..=)but when it came to think that ive to stand up for quite some time during operation which may lead to formation of varicose vein in the future made me think it again.hehe

Paeds: The most boring posting ever!tau tak even ABG pon HAMBA ORANG (H.O) ni kene amik..nurses rilek je goyang kaki makan colek sambil tgk buku avon..peewittt..hahaha..xsuke la..tambah tak suke when baby2 prem ni sometimes kene cucuk 2-3 kali or more utk amik blood..kesian kat dorang tapi xde blood result kan lagi teruk..tapi rase x best!yang best about this posting was i have best peeps around me and lunch break was so much fun!hehe..owh lagi xbest sebab ade minah indon keje kontrak yang menyuruh orang kerjenye yang die sendiri pon management tah pape..inform baby desat pon buat tatau..bodoh betol..tau x nanti bnyk complications!haish.

LAst posting a&e.mule2 ingat nak masuk anaes but thinking that anaes xkan tolong kalau g district nanti cuz ventilator machine takde pon kat district so masuk a&e i bleh refresh everything balik preparing myself for my next responsibilities as MO..=)

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