Sunday, May 24, 2009

bz bee

Status : Aina Jeffery is having so much fun!!

Lunch at Banna Thai. thanks to Aju for the treat..=)
Then went for a window shopping..
then balik rumah...
Then siap2 pergi partay...
Thanks to carrigleans-GG, Hana, Fefe and Iylia.
Had so much fun over there..balik kul 130am kot..hehe..

Road trip to wexford and bunion-union place.hahaha..
ade org bunian aju ckp.hahaha..
kat situ ade beach..
so bersantai kat situ esok insyaAllah...

Nak g UCC print sal trip sume n will have a short meeting with Yopit n Milah about our Europe trip..

-rest n packing barang

Off to London, Italy, Austria and Czech...
till 4th june..=)

So korang sume, sorry kalau x reply msg having fun.. hehe..tapi ill reply cume xyah la expect i chatting ngan u the whole day or layan u je..mcm xde keje lain...
and seriously, stop being too pushy and childish!!!(sape makan cili die terasa pedas la kan)
xyah la expect i dok depan computer sampai 30june kot chat or layan facebook je.
i dh penat kot..
i want to reward myself with some fun.
So pls stop cakap i sombong ke, denying urself ke ape2 ke..
i need some fun for myself..
and i need some time for myself..
and i warn u.
I have limits.
take care everyone..

P/s : owh ill update my blog..tapi pictures banyak kat facebook...=)

1 comment:

Munirah Abd said...

yes..harus reward diri ko yg dah lama struggle utk 5thn..wuuuu lama tu..

have fun taoooo