Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late Fatherhood Affects Children's IQ

"Scientists from Australia do not recommend men to delay their fatherhood as, according to their new study, kids of older fathers have low IQs and do not perform well in intelligence tests during infancy and childhood. "

Hahah..I read about this in Wahidah's blog, google it and found few journals...
Interesting huh?

Time is running out..hahaha..presentation fyp belum buat.. log book pon belum gak...exams pon rase sangat x ready..pergi klinik rase cam org bodoh jer.hahaha..bak kate nad dalam blog die..terasa macam loser..hahaha..saya rase sangat loser..rase cam pre-med..rase sangat xlayak utk jd doctor..adesss...dah la indecisive.kejap rase nak balik msia..kejap rase xnak..kejap rs nak kawen,kejap rase xnak..hahaha..fickle-mind bak kate husna.hahahaa..:P
Owh nyway tadiii i pergi basuh tangan kan while waiting for daniel to ask patient's consent kan..pastu my groupmates sume tunggu kat sebelah katil husna la cite...connor cakap;
"Someone is missing".
Pastu husna cakap la Aina tengah basuh tangan.
Pastu die boleh cakap
"OWH.That little buzzing sound"
Pastu diorg gelak..I jalan towards diorg kan pastu connor die buat sound bzzz bzzz pastu makin dekat i nak jalan die buat makin kuat. I knw they were talking about me but then xtau ape kan..hahahaha..i asked connor, are u talking about me pastu die gelak je..ciskek betol.hahaha..suke tau cari gaduh..die cakap hari isnin je ari baek die..tapi ari isnin tu die buat jahat kat o and cathy gak so die cakap ari selasa..hahaha..and semalam die baek la sket.hahaha..
Tape esok masih ade..hahaha...masih ade masa utk buli die.hahaha..ari tu tipu die yang mr.w was looking for him and elaine pon cam support je ape i cakap kan dh cuak dh muke die tak2 bukan buli..hahaha..
hmm oklah..esok ngan Mr.D kene study.hahahaa..kang ade yang kene lagi
"this is completely wrong"
(owh baru tau tadi rupenye most of my groupmates kene pasal colicky and non-colicky tu.hahaha)


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so jgn lewat kan good..hahaha..:P