Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Baru pas lepak ngan kak yana, kak syikin, husna and aimi..
kak yana masakkan nasi minyak..=)..
makan banyakk~kenyang..1st time kot rs kenyang kat limerick.hahahaha...kesian tak?haaha..
tapi best lepak2 pon hati still rs tak best..
my mind is occupied with sumthing else..
nyway pagi tadi saya sesat..
tak jumpe jalan besar..
asek jumpe jalan mati je..muahaha..
tadi waktu balik almost sesat tapi tak sesat..
hmm nak balik msia pls?
nak cakap ngan umi pls?
4hb come quick..
owh tapi if 4hb US maknenye 5hb Msia la kan?
haishh cepat la..

P/s: Do u really think i want to remember those memories?I do not!!I am seriously want to erase them from my temporal lobes. I tried really hard to get rid of them but they are still there...I am sorry if i hurt ur feeling but then u should try to put urself in my shoes...I am dealing with lots of uncertainty..I am scared...I am afraid of everything; the future especially..Im scared and i need u to understand me with a lil of support..A support, not a punishment...I am just a lil girl. I made mistakes. Loads of them. Sometimes, i did not even realize it. I am just an ordinary person..I am sorry..If u feel like u r not ready for this, u can just tell me. Tell me now...Tell me before its too late..=(


ab geldofg said...

ala jgn sedih2 ye

Wahidah said...

aina adakah kak syikin tu kak syikin yg i rindui???? norashiqin ismail ex mozac?? hurm..kalo btol la..smpaikan slama rindu i buat die

TaNia said...

last saturday.. i gi KB mall.. n ingat nak singgah monalisa.. tp x jumper.. muuhhahaha :p

Anonymous said...

kesian die
gv her a break
she got lot of thing 2 worried of
so let her finish her studies...n cheer up Ain
ur fren alwayz support ya n
gud luck

Witty Angel said...

ab : tak sedih dh..=)
wahidah : nggak..kak syikin lain.hehehe
tania : ala..hehe..ade 4 kedai monalisa kat situ yang..3 kat bawah basement floor and 1 kat 2nd floor.hehehe
anonymous : thanks..=)