Sunday, March 1, 2009

along D :- 4 themes for the medical students' academic success

Found this article kat Along D's. ~interesting~

My opinions are not significants but...
- they really study hard to get a good result in their examination or assignment works (Yes, harder than before.hahaha..Have to sacifice ur sleeping hrs just sebab nak compensate time tuk study. Ridiculous kan?sebab kan tido tu penting for brain repair. Aina punye alasan.hahaha)
- they started as top students in school but when they step into medicine line, they also found the meaning of failure (Hahaha..This issss soooo true..hahaha..)
- it hurts and stressed up their minds (of course it hurts. Yelah u used to get what u want but u x dapat kan?of course la sakit hati..pastu fikir ape yang make it wrong kan?cam ape cara study u yang salah sampai u just dapat pass je for that subject..stress kot.hahah..)
- poor them, but loved them (alamak yang ni x faham la along D..)
- they want to be a good physician, help other people out there, make a sacrifices etc (i dont want to be a good physician. I want to be a great physician.hahaha..and that what make me all stressed out.haha..cuz i dont think im able to do that!!hhahaha..)
- their life are hard from start, different from others (Yes especially when u lost ur luggage on ur 1st day in medschool..)
- study like a genius monster, work like a long marathon and life like no differences between morning and night (hehehe i takde la study camtu sangat but no differences btween morning and night tu sometimes happened gak..especially when dh dekat exam.hahahaha..)
- what a life is that?
- but is it true???
- please answer me
- there must be something interesting in their life
- because human still human right
- think about it
Sad to admit but it is true along di. Hehe..Takde life sngt tapi ade je sometimes..lepak2 main mafia.hahaha.makan2 sambil tgk movie. Ade je life cume sebab UCC ni banyak sangat exams kan so end up 70% of masa kiteorg kat sini ngan buku or dok sorang2 depan laptop and 30% tu baru la bersosial.hahaha..sosialla sangat.ahahaha..)

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TaNia said...

nak tambah lagi boleh
- they hav diff feelin n special person only knows :p