Saturday, February 7, 2009


From the votes tu kan cam Malaysia lagi memanggil2..ehehe..And then i buat kire2 % kan of happiness kan comparing balik msia or stay sini..i xsure whether the results will be significant or not but then malaysia menang la..nanti i post kat blog ni when i rajin nk amik gambar..hahaha..nyways, i just read ths from my class gmail...

"heya...anyone see this post on the IMO website about the proposed hse cutbacks? they are planning to cut intern hours to a 48 hour week with no un-rostered overtime, an unpaid lunch break and no pay for teaching hours like grand rounds. There's an imo meeting on in cork next week at the imperial but i think it's only for doctors. i'm checking with john duddy to see if final meds can attend as well. it might be worth knowing exactly what cuts we can expect for next year.....australia is looking more attractive by the second!"

Heh...48hrs???What the???hahaha...i mean ape je kamu boleh belaja in 48 hrs like?i xrase rilek pon keje sebab u mesti kene siapkan ur jobs pon so maknenye kamu akan ade double triple job yang nak kene siapkan in limited hrs..ireland mmg betol2 in crises adekah ini a sign for me balik msia for good?ngeee...ade few more cutbacks..silalah refer sendiri to website itu..hahaha..owh n ade sorang nurse ni die dok komplen, die n partner die akan lost 700euro per month because of the levy ape mende tah die cakap..ahaha..:P..banyak gile..ahhaah..and elaine juge cakap sebab kami batch yang xkan dapat double degree sebab kami xbuat pharm project maka kami akan dapat salary sket lagi compared to our seniors...hahaha..kami adelah batch yang tidak berape bertuah..hahaaha..:p..tapi maybe ade hikmahNYA kan?


Anonymous said...

Our choices in life are made according to our sense of our own worth and our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.

Wahidah said...

pikir bebaik yea cik ainaa..:P

TaNia said...

kir anya.. u kene balik MALAYSIA.. welcome to Malaysia aina.. muuuhahhaha :p

RK said...

kalau kes cani~

better u stay ireland setahun lagi,

gaining more EXP.

kalau u lari,
u x rase 'sebahagian' cabaran hidup ni~

=) ngeh~

Witty Angel said...

anonymous : hehe..nicee
wahidah : tu r..
tania : hehe.balikmsiaaaa..yeayy
RK : hahaha..enough dh kot penat dh..