Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lunch with Mr.A

I had a lunch with Mr.I today!!!hahaha...Mr.I is a surgeon in SIVUH yang sangat digeruni oleh students..He is sarcastic and he loves asking students with loads of questions..When he gave us a tutorial he expects each of us to ask him at least one question..=)...it doesnt really matter whether u r a 3rd med, a 4th med or a final med...at least a question...=D
I was having a lunch with Raj when suddenly Mr.I came and asked us,
"Can i sit with my students?"
And he put his tray in front of us.
He sat there and had a lunch with us like we are his friends...
He is so cute and he's really a nice person..He really is..hehehe..=)
Nyway, Raj asked him a question about Hartmann's procedure and he was talking about it for the first 5 minutes when he changed the topic into world economy and ireland recession.
I took the opportunity to ask him about the internship here and how the recession will affect the interns. After listened to his answers, I think, I will definitely going home for good..=) Im going to do my internship in Malaysia. I hope i am strong enough to finish up my internship over there..=)...
Nywaykan, Mr.I kan,die sangat positive...sangat bagus la die ni and i want to be someone like him..yang fikir positive je...
Die cakap kan we should be grateful that we dont have to wake up everyday thinking of stealing some foods from the farmers..
He also said that we should be grateful that we dont have to wake up in the firestorm like what is happening in Australia.
He also said that we should be grateful that we dont have to be scared of the policemen to shot us down like what had happened in Madagascar.
He also said that we should be grateful that we dont have to wake up seeing a bomb on the sky like what is happening in Gaza.
He also said that we should be grateful that we dont have to be in Sri Lanka and Sudan where the people are killing each other.
And he was saying about using a bicycle because of the recession and it makes me wonder, mamat ni gune duit die buat ape?hahaha..He is a consultant like?and die pon xnak gune kete sebab nak jimat?and us?a student?hahaha
Anyhow, i felt a bit inferior. I think my general knowledge is really sucks. I should read more news and should be more aware of what is happening in the world. I should.
I shouldnt be like katak di bawah tempurung..hahaha...

P/s: Nywaykan, i wonder what is going to happen in Malaysia..Cam if tak salah kan,(sorry kalau silap fakta), yang bermulanye kisah raja boneka pon bermula after a murder of JWW Birch(betol ke name mamat ni) oleh Datuk Maharajalela...(erk yang ni pon saye x sure juge betol..hahaha..kalau salah sorry..xde buku sejarah kat sini)...kan kan?so skang kat perak gak ni..hahaha..:P..nyway ape kate malaysians stop gaduh sal tu and kasi tumpuan kat ekonomi... b4 its too late...=D
nyway i shouldnt be talking about this stuff..FYP..FYP!!!ayok


Leeya said...

wahhh..da decide ea??bgus2..u've made a right decision..gud luck sweetie

einhyatt said...

It's good to have someone u respect to say things like that yeah?
And yeah he's right, we should be grateful of our life coz it isnt that bad if we think carefully. To tell you abt the bushfire in Aust, yeah it's really really really bad. The worst ever. It's so sad. The affected area are the place where i spent my 08 summer. Maybe some of the affected victims are people that i know....

f_mgh said...

What a coincidence!! the wildfire scorched that part of Australia only a few days before i debated with a free thinker over there. Hopefully, with the tragic incident, he'll have a change for good in his belief about the existence of God.