Monday, February 16, 2009


I think i made the right decision..
(so stop asking me or annoyed me with ur stupid questions!!)
lalalala... week is going to be a full and hectic week for me..and for all final yr UCC students. We have to submit our fyp on 23rd Feb and for those who are going to somewhere else(outside cork) for their next rotation, they have to submit it on 21st! Im going to Limerick for my next rotation and so i think, wisely i should submit it on 21st!hehe..yelah xkan nak nyusahkan org len tolong antarkan pon and plus i dont knw whether medschool allow org len antarkan utk kite ke x..
Anyway i still dont know where im going to stay for my 6weeks rotation in Limerick and i dont know whether there will be an internet for me or not..Bayangkan la kan, dah la dok sorang2, pastu takde internet..rase nak pengsan x?sape sokong???jom pengsan same2 jom!! going to survive it..yeahh..insyaAllah..hopefully la kan...hahahaha....xpon worst come to worst, i belila mobile punye broadband tu...Elaine cakap it not that expensive so hopefully ok la kan..hehe...gile la xde internet..xder communication ngan dunia luar langsung.dah la nanti confirm idup makan maggi n roti je..hehehe..:D...
Last yr i was away for 2 rotations-Kerry and Waterford. I enjoyed both of my rotations sebab yan kat waterford tu i was staying in B&B yang sangat best..Ensuite, tv in the room,kettle in the room, internet, double bed, and housekeeping everyday..memang best lah..breakfast lak bleh makan banyak2 and pakcik tu sangat baekk!!we even requested fish and chips for our breakfast!!!hehee..And kat kerry lak, one week je but then i xyah share my room sebab breda die mmg org kerry and then toilet ensuite with TV and internet!! mmg marvellous lah..hehe..haish.. i hope i will enjoy my stay in Limerick..=)


ab geldofg said...

pening aku baca entry ko ni...mcm2 bhasa ada hehehehehe

Limerickez said...

jaga diri sayang.