Sunday, February 15, 2009 nk demam

Sometimes kan, when u think too much kan, u will get urself into troubles.. U will find urself in a very confusing state where u just don’t know what u have done. U don’t know what is right and u don’t know what is wrong. U don’t know what u want and u don’t know what to expect. U just don’t know. And u end up hurting urself or others.
And u knw, when u r confuse kan, u just wish that u have a pair of wings, so that u can fly away and run away from ur own life. Or u wish that u have a time machine so that u can turn back on the time and be a small kid again.
But u knw, it wont solve anything.
Running away from ur own mess will just make it worst.
So u better wish urself to be stronger and tough rather than a pair of wings or a time machine.
There is no happily ever after for a coward person who run away from their own problems.
Happily ever after only exist for people who want it to be existed. It will only be real if u wish for it and work hard for it. So, be strong and pull urself together again. Make lots of doa and insyaAllah, ur dream will come true....


KhaLifah feDi said...

emm kesian ank ini..deman ea..

semoge cpt sembuh ok..

psst:aq pun teda sehat ag..emm baru bek dye dtg ag..

"kesakitan itu perlu utk m'yadarkn kite"

Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

usaha, doa , tawakal!

"semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan kamu"


Munirah Abd said...

yup be strong!!!!
uwawawawa aku nak jadi budak balik la...
xmo jadi student xmo keje..jadi kids hanya men game saja..heavennyaaaa...

iKHMAR said...

Jga kesihatan..! Get well soon! =)