Thursday, December 11, 2008

house md

OMG!have u watched the latest episode of house md?
kelaka gile ok!!!
1.Patient A : I'm a virgin. Can u get pregnant from the toilet seat?
hahahaha...kelaka2...hahaha...u wont get pregnant from the toilet seat but u MAY get herpes from the toilet
2. House : U sure u r using it right?
Patient B : Yes..Do i look like an idiot?
Then House asked her to show how she used her inhaler..
And kelaka okk!!!!die sembur macam die sembur perfumeee ok!!taruk kat leher..wahahha..


Hugh Laurie said...

Girl: Arent there other ways that i can pregnant?....Like... sitting on a toilet seat?

House: Yeah absolutely! That would need a guy to be sitting between you and the toilet yes, absolutely...

Kahkahkahkahkah~~ lawak btol!~

Hugh Laurie said...

In another scene with her fiance,

Girl: Well, is there
any other way?

House: There was a reported case of a civil war soldier, who was shot in the testicles, and the musket ball carried the "non-musket ball", into the uterus of a women working in a neighbouring field. 9 months later, a miracle child was born...

House, memang pakar in making up hillarious!

Wahidah said...

lawak giler la Q die...sabar jer laaa

Witty Angel said...

hugh laurie : aha..lawak gileee!!!!!!!

wahidah : hehe..tu laaa