Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I met a cute lil fellow today..
He is a very smart and clever boy...
He called me silly billy Dr Ayina..
He loves to play with my pen torch..
And he really loves his polo mint.
Unfortunate for him, he is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and cerebral palsy..
From my naked eyes, i wont be able to tell that he has cerebral palsy..
He's really smart...
He's 3 y.o last september and he just started to walk last april..
So he definitely has some developmental problem..
His mother said that he has a slight right hemiplegia but seriously i cant see that.
He walked like a normal toddler and he talked like a 5y.o child.
He's just so adorable!!!!


''''dELinDa said...

sy imagine boy tu adalah sgt comey! kn kn?

Witty Angel said...

delinda : sangat!!die ade squint so die pakai spec yg sangat besar..cummell sangat!!